quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2015

WARM Festival sarajevo

Sunday June 28th / 17:00
‘Memory and War Commemoration into question -
with Jasmina Pasalic (President of the Foundation Sarajevo Heart of Europe), Joseph Zimet (Director of the Mission du Centenaire 14-18), Nicolas Offenstadt (Historian), Aida Begic (Filmmaker)
Sarajevo started the XXth century with a war and ended it with a war. A symbol in European history, the city came into the spotlight last year around the 28th of June 2014, during the commemoration of the centenial of the First World War. Sarajevo hosted cultural, sporting, educational and scientific events to commemorate a year of European history and to look at the challenges facing the present and the future of the Balkans region. Created under the impulse of European countries and the city of Sarajevo, this international event aimed to promote the values of solidarity, peace, dialogue and cultural diversity in a city still troubled by the consequences of a terrible conflict but with a youth that is bubbling and eager.
A year later, we take a look back on what was done. What is the impact of commemoration on the long and medium term? How can we learn from our strengths and failures for the future? Is commemorating the First World War in Sarajevo different than in other European cities, given its specific situation in European history? What does it mean to commemorate a war with the goal to create a bigger debate on history and culture, and should we even do it? Is Art and History the right medium ?

WARM (War/guerra, Art, Reports (reportagens), Memories Na essência, anti-belicista, esta iniciativa visa a partilha de experiências dos repórteres de guerra, consolidada através de diferentes canais e Media: cinema, fotografia, livro, debate. A Fundação WARM vai abrir, em Sarajevo, um centro dedicado à honrosa profissão dos repórters de guerra. - Remy Ourdan (Presidente da WARM e jornalis do Le Monde): "Izvještavati iz Sarajeva bilo je posebno iskustvo - Vesna Andree Zaimović, Radiosarajevo.ba"

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